In our sensor manufacturing facilities in Hartha, Kuntze’s electrochemical sensors are individually produced by experienced and expertly trained glass blowers. This craftmanship is supported by semi and fully automated production, like computer-aided quality control of each sensor. The seamless integration of many years of experience with the resource of glass and our innovative sensor development, result in an outstanding product quality embedded in the Zirkon® sensor series. From customized on demand sensors up to large-scale production of pH, ORP, disinfection sensors, Kuntze can provide the water analysis which is required. Since the foundation of Kuntze, the recipes of the glass used in the electrode production were handed over from the founding father to the following generations. The continual improvements to the pH-glass membrane recipes is a core element of the Kuntze business development throughout it’s history, resulting in todays uniquely specialized off ering to the global water treatment market.